Wipco. Ltd. is an official Korean dealer who has signed a domestic distribution agreement with Capturing Reality.

We support Korean translation patches and online/offline training when purchasing.

For more information on Reality Capture, consult Wipco!

Scan & Share

With RealityCapture, photogrammetry software, you can create your 3D model fast and easily. Intuitive User Interface together with the in-built HELP will guide you throughout the model creation. 

Create 2D/3D Maps

RealityCapture is a perfect solution for your mapping projects. You can create infinite number of ortho-projections and maps. For each map, area and volume measurements are automatically calculated. Moreover, you can use several options how to geo-reference your map and with control point experience, you are able to create hundreds of measurements for ground control points within minutes. 


Cinematic experience achieved at staggering speed. Create detailed, textured 3D models ready to export for content-creation and artistic tools. Decimate, export, retopologize, import, and texture easily and fast.

Full-body scanning with Reality Capture

Get the most authentic digital double or 3D asset. Set a coordinate system, compute a model, decimate, texture, export all in one automated process using RealityCapture CLI.

Process Lasers & Images


When we released this solution in 2015, RealityCapture was the only software on the market capable of automatic laser-scan registration and processing together with images in one step. Still, with our solution you can get the amazing detail in a fraction of time.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The unique features that RealityCapture has to offer, make it the software of choice in a wide range of industries.

Combine various inputs to get a visually consistent triangular 3D model. Achieve picture-perfect accuracy at amazing speed.