Wipco Ltd.


In 1991, we brought 3D scan technology to our country for the first time, so we have introduced and applied 3D digitizing equipment to various fields and developed application technology.

Although it was a difficult and lonely life at the time when there was no awareness of 3D Digital, digitizing the shape is the only way to preserve the present state forever, and digitalization is gaining a lot of application skills and experience in the belief that it can be used in a variety of forms, such as computable CAD, CAM, Computer Graphics, etc.

3D scan technology, which is widely used in various fields such as plant, civil engineering, architecture, cultural heritage, design, film, 3D content, ergonomics, medicine, scientific investigation, etc., is evolving more rapidly through convergence with ICT, GIS, SENCING technology.

I always try to find a better solution by repeating, ‘Is this the best? Is there no better way?’ I hope these concerns and efforts will be of help to the transition to a better world than now. Thank you very much.